Maintenance Plans Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cover maintenance agreements (known as Silver and Gold plans) offered through EXXEL Mechanical Services (hereafter, the “Company”).

All AC, Furnace, Heat Pump and Boiler checkups are to be performed during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.

Plans listed are for residential systems.

For Next Day Service, customers must call during regular business hours and schedule for the next business day. Any calls made after hours may not be scheduled until the following day. Any calls made on days the business is closed (weekends or holidays), may not qualify for next day service and will be scheduled as soon as the business re-opens.

All maintenance plans exclude hot water tanks, tank-less water systems, domestic hot water coils, geothermal systems and commercial units (Commercial plans are available, pricing varies with condition of existing equipment, tonnage and type of system.)

Scheduling these checkups is the responsibility of the customer, Company is not accountable for missed appointments, or customer unavailability.

Checkups have no monetary value.

Maintenance plans auto renew from year to year (as long as a current credit card is on file.) Renewal pricing is subject to change from year to year, based on equipment condition and age. Customers cannot be locked in at a specific price point; no Grandfather Policy exists for yearly maintenance plans.

Plans can be cancelled for a full refund any time before the first visit of the year has occurred. If customer wishes to cancel after the first checkup, customer will receive a prorated amount of the yearly plan cost; this amount will vary depending on what work/repairs have already been made.

If customer moves to a new residence during the plan term, the plan does not move with them to the new residence, it will however still be usable to the new homeowner at the same location for the remainder of plan term. If customer replaces a unit under a maintenance agreement with a new one, customer would require a service plan for the new equipment (unless the installation was with the Company.)

Plans are only offered on operational equipment. Gold plans require equipment inspection.

Company may refuse to cover equipment under any of the maintenance plans if we deem circumstances to be unfavorable to either party due to equipment condition and/or age.

Company may cancel the maintenance agreement with the customer at any time. If this should occur, the customer will receive a prorated amount of the yearly plan cost; this amount will vary depending on what work/repairs have already been made.

Customer understands that Company is not an insurer, and this is not an insurance policy. Customer understands that even with frequent preventative maintenance, parts or systems can fail or break without warning, and maintenance cannot in all cases prevent this. This maintenance plan does not imply protection against all failures or breakdowns.

Any shipping charges incurred for faster than normal supplier delivery is not covered by the plans, and customer will be responsible for these charges.

Company is not responsible for situations beyond our control; shipping delays, unavailable parts, customer unavailability, unsafe working conditions, weather delays, failure to service, labor difficulties, and other circumstances beyond our ability to predict.

Company is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, or losses, injury, illness or equipment damage due to the above listed circumstances.

Company is not responsible for parts and services that the customer has had other parties provide (any individual or contractor other than employees of EXXEL Mechanical Services.) If it is obvious that the systems covered under the plans have been modified, altered, repaired or serviced by persons other than Company employees, further plan coverage is voided.

The maintenance plans do not cover parts or labor for system neglect, acts of nature, vandalism, theft, or intentional damage. The plans do not cover; pre-existing conditions, equipment failure or damage from flooding, fire, storms, and electrical surges, freezing, other equipment malfunctioning and damaging the HVAC systems, or circumstances that may affect normal equipment operation.

Company is not required to perform plan services if customer has not provided a safe working environment. Asbestos or other health hazards, dangerous or unsanitary environments (poisonous plants or animals in the vicinity) need to be eliminated before we can return to do work. Equipment needs to be reasonably accessible. Residential equipment needing more than a 32’ (foot) ladder to access is not covered (Unless customer can provide SAFE means to access equipment).

Customer understands that an outstanding balance for work performed has to be paid within 10 business days. Maintenance agreements can no longer be honored until customer has a zero balance.

Customer understands that repairs/components not covered under the maintenance plan are an additional charge. Customer understands that the 25% discount mentioned in the plan, is for repairs/components specified in the plan, and does not apply to new system installations.

Maintenance plan coverage only extends to the specific equipment it was purchased for. This would exclude any secondary support infrastructure necessary for operation, such as electrical, plumbing, duct work, and utility.

Customer understands maintenance plans have exclusions to the parts that are covered. Variable speed motors, high efficiency units, combustion chambers, heat exchangers, zone valve bodies, expansion tanks, power vents, circulatory pumps, mixing valves, compressors, indoor or outdoor coils, induced draft motors, reversing valves, or service valves. All mentioned parts receive a 25% discounted rate.

All electronic or dye tests are an additional service that are offered at 25% discounted rate.

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