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When is the best time of year to replace my HVAC system?

We suggest you not break up with your sweetheart before Valentine’s Day. We also think getting a flat tire the night before a road trip is ill-advised. 

And to anyone going through HVAC system issues in the dead of summer or winter, we obviously do not recommend an HVAC system replacement during those times of year. You’ll not only be in dire need of said HVAC system, but also HVAC companies are at their busiest during these times. 

Of course, you can’t always choose when you’ll have to replace your HVAC system. But, if you’re taking the proper maintenance measures, you’ll know what shape your HVAC system is in, and hopefully avoid an emergency repair or replacement. 

Do I need to replace my HVAC system?

HVAC systems typically need to be replaced between 10 and 20 years old. With regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your HVAC system, but it’s also true that older systems are simply less efficient and may cost you more to run. If your energy bills are high, you are continuing to put money into your system with repairs, or you’re facing an especially expensive repair, these may be signs it’s time to replace your entire system.

What time of year should I replace my HVAC system?

If you’ve reached a juncture where your HVAC system has been needing many repairs recently, or you know it’s old and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later, it’s best to plan ahead. An HVAC replacement is ideal in early or mid-fall when temperatures are moderate, and you’re less likely to need your HVAC system. Additionally, by planning ahead, you won’t be desperate when working with different companies and getting quotes. 

Schedule a visit with one of our professionals or call for a quote! 

If you give us a call, we can help you clarify your situation by sending one of our professionals to check out your system. They can advise if you need a complete replacement or if there is a more straightforward repair that can extend the life of your system.

If you already know your system needs to be replaced, we’ll be happy to quote you or schedule a time– perhaps in the fall or spring– to get that entire system overhaul you need.