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How to Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your AC

It’s the middle of a hot and humid Maryland summer and you still can’t seem to cool off. You head to the thermostat and it is set to your ideal temperature, but the actual temp is decidedly above what it should be.

Perhaps this isn’t the first time you’ve had issues.

If problems with your air conditioner are a continual ordeal, you’re probably considering whether you should repair or replace your AC. You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn the signs that tell you whether your AC is simply on the friz, or is on its way to the dump.

Signs You Need to Repair Your AC

Generally, if the air in your house feels stale or you’re still hot despite attempts to cool down, this could indicate problems with the air conditioning. The severity of repairs can vary, so if you’re experiencing multiple problems or recurring issues this could indicate more extensive unit damage.

Signs that indicate a need for repair:

Continuous Heat and Humidity

An obvious sign of a faulty AC unit is that your home can’t seem to remain cool. If the air is stagnant or humid, or if the AC unit is only producing warm air, this indicates that your AC is not up to capacity. The compressors or AC ventilator could be damaged, requiring specialist attention.

Foul Smells

If your AC unit gives off an odor, this is also a sign that it’s time to get it looked at. Dust and bacteria build-up can lead to mechanical problems and other damage in the house.

Leaking AC Unit

If your AC unit is dripping water, seek an AC specialist for a consultation. Most AC units use refrigerants to cool your home, creating condensation as it works against hot conditions. A functioning unit should not allow leaking fluids though, so this could indicate that the mechanics of the unit are weakening.

No Circulation

If your home is warm and there is infrequent or no air circulation, your air conditioner is not operating at peak performance. The issues could range from a simple clogged air filter to mechanical problems like a damaged motor.


If you hear rattling or other strange noises coming from the AC unit, this often indicates that the internal mechanics may be loose or on the verge of fracturing. Larger noises can also signify internal deterioration. The more these noises occur, the greater the risk of damage, so you’ll want to address any persisting rattles as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing AC problems, professional help is always a good investment to ensure lasting comfort. Initiating repairs early can prevent small issues from turning into major breakdowns.

And if you’re considering toughing it out without AC to save money this summer, don’t forget that mold loves a hot, humid Maryland home. A little expenditure now will prevent property damage, high mold remediation bills, and expensive doctor visits.

Signs You Need to Replace Your AC

All the indications that your AC unit needs repairs can also indicate more underlying issues that necessitate replacing the entire unit altogether.

To determine whether replacement is a better option than repair, consider how severe the issue is. If the cost to repair is more than half the cost of replacement, it’s a good idea to replace the unit.   

Further, ask yourself whether AC problems are becoming more and more frequent. If you’re continually shelling out money to keep your air conditioner limping along, it’s best to replace the unit altogether.

AC units typically need to be replaced every 15 years. However, each unit is different so check the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning system lifespan.

Remember, if you’re spending more on energy just to power a faulty AC unit, it’s time for a new, more efficient system.

Use Air Conditioning Specialists

Secure the best value and performance from your air conditioning by working with seasoned HVAC professionals. AC units are complicated. Trying to fix the unit yourself without the proper training might just add to the damages and maintenance costs. Not to mention, you risk you and your family’s further comfort. Contract with trusted professionals to give you definitive guidance on whether your AC needs to be repaired or replaced. Save money, stay cool. It’s that simple.

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