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Signs your HVAC System is Wasting Energy

When you consider your biggest expenses every year, heating and cooling your home will inevitably be high on that list. The last thing you need is to be spending more to heat and cool your home. These are the three biggest things to watch out for that indicate your HVAC unit is wasting energy. 

High bills

Inflation, natural gas price increases, drastic temperature changes…all of these can increase the cost of your utility bill and are beyond your control. But a sharp or unexplainable increase in your bill might mean that your HVAC unit is struggling or wasting energy. Whether caused by dirty filters, leaky ducts, or broken parts, any unattended repair or maintenance task can lead to poor performance and higher bills. 

Air Temperature or Quality Seems Off

The temperature should not be vastly different in various rooms (unless your system is designed to heat and cool different areas). In addition, you should not feel as though the air is wet or sticky—indicating high humidity. Whether it’s a broken or faulty thermostat, something malfunctioning within the unit, or simply an outdated and inefficient unit, noticing something off with the room temperature or humidity is a good clue that your system is wasting energy. 

A System That’s Always On

Long cycles or a system that seems like it’s always on is not running as efficiently as possible. It could be that your system is not appropriate for the size of your home, is getting old, or has developed a blockage restricting airflow. Whatever the issue, if you notice that your system is constantly running, you have a system that is wasting energy.

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