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Decking the Halls? Double Check These Indoor Fire and Heating Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner! But before you deck the halls, make sure you’re following some basics for heating safety this season. Unfortunately, the holiday season often comes with a spike in home fire incidents and injuries caused by unsafe furnace handling. The good news is that it’s very easy to keep your furnace and other heating systems safe while keeping your home warm for the winter months. Here are our top 3 heating system safety tips.

Tip 1: Give the Heating Systems Room!

Keep your furnace and the surrounding area clear, especially of flammable materials like paper, cardboard, or even the Christmas tree. The same goes for the fireplace. This means not stacking anything on top of the furnace or letting anything dangle too close to the fireplace. A good rule of thumb is to keep any items or materials a couple of feet away from fixed and mobile heat sources (like heaters) to ensure a safe distance. The same goes for people. Orienting your household several feet away from the heat sources protects them from fire and fumes or smoke that might occur. Remind small children to avoid playing near heating systems and, if necessary, install a safety gate to keep anyone from getting too close.

Tip 2: Be Clean, Be Safe

Any section of your home generating heat including the furnace, fireplace, mini-heaters, and even the washer and dryer should be kept clear and clean. Dust and debris are not only unpleasant to see, but can also cause safety risks. Any grime present in complex HVAC systems like the furnace could disrupt the internal mechanisms and cause damage to the unit which could cause a fire hazard. Too much dust in the furnace unit also carries the risk of combusting as the unit generates heat. The same goes for the fireplace! For the dryer, you’ll want to clear out any lint thoroughly, especially as you’re creating a warmer atmosphere in the home because of the cold. The best way to keep the furnace and other heat sources safe is to have these areas professionally cleaned. Besides cleaning for aesthetic appeal, our certified HVAC specialists at Exxel Mechanical Services deliver a thorough inspection and cleaning of furnace areas that pose the most risk of heating safety problems. Ventilation air filters are one example that should be cleared properly to ensure smooth operation and safe air quality, in addition to heating safety.

Tip 3: Check for Carbon Monoxide Safety

When you’re working with a furnace, it’s critical that you make sure that your air quality is safe. The same sources of fire or home air quality discomforts can also be tied to carbon monoxide contamination. Before you turn up the heat, have furnace specialists confirm that your furnace unit is operating safely and not producing carbon monoxide. This will also help prevent other risks to your heat safety.

Prepare for Fire and Heating Safety Now!

Regular and seasonal furnace maintenance is a cost-effective and proactive step that guarantees the safety and sustainability of your heating system. You also get the peace of mind that critical repairs have been implemented effectively before or in time for seasonal gatherings when you really need safe heating! A healthy furnace makes a safe, warm home. Don’t wait for problems to get worse when you can easily correct problems and make sure your house is safe from any fire and heating issues. You’ll be able to use your furnace with true peace of mind!

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