Maryland winters hit and hard and fast — when they arrive. This can be jarring, especially if your furnace isn’t functioning well. A poorly performing furnace requires highly skilled attention, and fast!

Matters of physical comfort aside, your house and family could be at risk of harm if mechanical issues in the furnace aren’t addressed properly. But how do you go about choosing a furnace repair specialist? 

Let’s look at the essentials for choosing the best furnace repair contractor.

Proper Accreditation

Homeowners should start with the bare minimum by making sure contractors meet the essential professional qualifications needed to work on your furnace. Furnace repair requires specialized technical training to be done properly and safely. 

HVAC specialists must undergo training that covers residential and commercial requirements as well as industry standards. Trusting professionals without these basic skill sets is a major liability for your furnace and a poor investment of your money.

To get the quality furnace servicing you need, check that the companies you contact are equipped with the essential certifications and background. You also want to ensure that they’re up to par with any permits or certifications required by the state of Maryland.

A prospective contractor should be able to describe their credentials and produce evidence of their qualifications. If they are hesitant to discuss or produce these materials, look elsewhere!

Reasonable Rates

Even though HVAC work is highly technical, you shouldn’t have to pay outrageous fees to have your furnace examined and/or repaired. At the same time though, below-average costs can indicate inexperience or cheapness in the operation.

Rule of thumb: cost-effective but not cheap is the way to go. Look for flexible pricing plans offered by your contractor. You should be able to pay for exactly what you need and not have to pay an outrageous sum for a minor fix, period.

Service providers like Exxel offer free inspections and consultations to give you a thorough analysis of any issues present, as well as solutions. This helps you avoid wasting time and money on ineffective fixes while making the whole process very transparent. 

Environmentally Friendly

Furnaces can pose risks to the environment, but there are ways you can help to protect our environment. One way to do this is to ensure that you hire EPA Certified Technicians who are knowledgeable of how to prevent pollution hazards to nature and your home.

This not only protects the environment but also keeps you and your family safe from dangerous fumes and potential fires. The added benefit is that these technicians can help you save money by helping you reduce or eliminate excessive energy use. Additionally, environmentally focused repairs and equipment like these save you from more expensive repairs down the road.

Sells Only Quality Products

If your furnace repairs require new parts and equipment, second-hand or cheap materials won’t do. New, up-to-standard products are what will allow the repairs to hold and prevent further breakdowns or other serious issues. Quality materials will also keep your furnace sustainable for years to come.

Make sure that your contractor guarantees that they only using new products and that they are the appropriate parts for your specific brand of furnace. Along with contractor accreditations, this is a major source of quality assurance for the furnace. 

Good Reputation

Accreditations, skills, and equipment are all important, but a good reputation brings all these aspects together. Look for honest reviews to see how other customers felt about the service provided. Have the furnace repair contractors in question proven themselves to be seasoned experts, or have customers found them unprofessional and rude? 

When talking with contractors, consider at their soft skills too. Are they respectful and able to adequately explain the furnace issues and recommend solutions?

If you find yourself being pressured or feel overcharged, these are signs you may not be working with the most reputable contractors. If this is the case, look for a new contractor. Remember, you want to work with HVAC specialists who work for you, not for their sole benefit. 

Are you experiencing furnace problems or concerned about the upcoming winter weather? Uncertain what’s wrong with your furnace? We offer free consultations to examine your unit and give you the best options for quality furnace performance. Give us a call at (443) 821-1040 to get started!