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How Can I Help my HVAC System Keep Up with the Forecast?

There’s already been a bit of snow in Maryland and the temperatures just keep dropping. Can your HVAC system keep up? And how will that impact your winter heating bills?

Check out these 4 smart HVAC usage tips to help you conserve your money and stay warm all winter long!

Don’t Overtax Your Heating System

When you come in from the cold and your home doesn’t seem warm, you may start wondering if your furnace is actually working. Instead of immediately turning up the heat, be patient. While there’s no problem in gradually increasing the temperature on your thermostat, you should avoid massive increases and instead try to keep the heat flow as consistent as possible. If you feel any heat at all, your unit is working.

Many people tend to overtax their HVAC system in colder temperatures. This causes the internal mechanisms to wear out and ultimately break, which can result in costly heating repairs. Heavy furnace usage (beyond what’s necessary) also drives up your gas and electricity costs

Insulate Your Home

Remember, the furnace works partially by keeping cold air out, but this work is negated by vents or gaps that allow drafts in the home. Your furnace works harder to compensate for drafts that bring the frigid air indoors.

The more your heater has to fight the elements, the more power it drains. You can eliminate these costs by safely insulating key areas. For example, tape gaps in the window frame, put bubble wrap on your windows, or use an under-door draft blocker or even a rolled-up blanket at the bottom of the front door.

This simple, smart HVAC usage step helps your furnace use less energy while keeping your home warmer. No more having to turn up the heat!

Dress for the Season

One of the simplest and easiest ways to promote smart usage of your HVAC system in the winter is to simply dress warmly! Besides saving on energy costs, you’ll probably be more comfortable too.

Of course, you don’t have to wear a coat in the house — (if you do, call us!) — but wearing two layers of warm clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt and a cozy sweater, will help your body create trap more heat and warm you naturally.

Using hand warmers and heating pads while you work at the computer or enjoy family movie night can be an inexpensive way to beat the cold without overtaxing your HVAC system. When you do go out, you will want to layer up and dress for colder conditions so that when you return home, your core body temperature can readjust quickly without having to turn up the furnace!

HVAC Maintenance is Key

In addition to the other power-saving strategies, keeping your HVAC unit and furnace well-maintained is the best way to stay ahead of a cold forecast. Your HVAC system is the primary source for heating and cooling your home, so ultimately, you need it to last and perform effectively.

Regular maintenance is the most cost-effective and proactive step to guarantee the safety and sustainability of your HVAC system. This is even more critical in the months leading up to periods of intense weather!

Our certified professionals at Exxel Mechanical Services will ensure that your HVAC system is equipped to keep the house warm without compromising functionality. Our maintenance saves you money, time, and energy costs in the long run by helping you avoid costly damages or the need to replace the unit(s). Exxel also specializes in assessing your energy use and home layout to provide the best solutions for HVAC performance and energy-saving strategies.

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