Heat Pump Repair Owings Mills, MD

Heat pumps are a fantastic and efficient way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, even with regular preventative maintenance and care, most heat pump systems will require repairs at some point. Exxel Mechanician Services offers skilled heat pump repair in Owings Mills, MD to all customers living in the greater area. Our repair services are responsive and affordable, and our technicians are honest and trustworthy. We know how to rapidly determine the issue, recommend the proper repairs and restore your system so that your home is comfortable again.

What Are the Signs I Need Heat Pump Repair?

While you will notice some heat pump problems quickly, others can fester for months before it becomes obvious that something is wrong. Exxel Mechanical Services is a professional provider of heat pump repair in Owings Mills, MD. We can visit your home to assess the condition of your system, determine the problem and make repairs. Some of the signs that you should give us a call include:

  • Banging, clanging and other sounds coming from the heat pump unit
  • A heat pump that will not run or turn on, even when you have ensured there are no problems with the thermostat
  • Short cycling (the air conditioner or heat kicks on for a short period of time and runs, kicks back off and then turns on again after a few minutes)
  • A heat pump that is more than 10-15 years old
  • There is airflow coming out of the vents, but not much hot or cold air
  • Sudden spikes in your energy bills in the winter or the summer
  • Ice has accumulated on the coils
  • And more!

For heat pump repair in Owings Mills, MD, call Exxel Mechanical Services to schedule an appointment for our technicians to visit your home. We have fully-stocked trucks, so we can make many repairs immediately and get your heat pump working properly without a second visit to your home.

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Should I Wait to Call for Heat Pump Repair?

Some homeowners delay calling for heat pump repair because they want to try to make the repairs themselves or they want to see whether or not things will get worse. The heating and air conditioning systems in your home are highly sensitive and dangerous to attempt repairs on if you are not sure what you are doing. Heat pump technicians have years of experience working on heat pump systems and know how to repair them for optimal function. Many homeowners end up accidentally doing more damage and wasting time and money attempting DIY repairs.

If you are waiting for your heat pump to fix itself or the condition to worsen, you can also be allowing much more significant damage to occur. If a part is slowly wearing down, for example, it might fail completely and start affecting the parts around it if you wait too long. In cases like this, instead of needing to replace one part for the system to work again, you will end up spending more.

How Can I Prevent Future Heat Pump Repair in Owings Mills, MD?

Exxel Mechanical Services provides our customers with affordable exclusive maintenance agreements that include annual inspection, priority service, customer service and the professionalism that you expect from our HVAC contractors. We provide two levels of heat pump maintenance plans, silver and gold, designed to meet your needs. Preventative maintenance can stop future costly repairs and gets the most out of your investment.

Where Can I Find Heat Pump Repair in Owings Mills, MD?

Exxel Mechanical Services is here to support all of our residential and commercial clients and keep their heat pump systems in excellent condition. We are always available to help assess your system, provide you with a free quote or come out to restore your heat or air conditioning in the event of an emergency. To learn more or get a free quote, call us at 443-821-1040 or email us at bob@exxelmechanical.com. We look forward to keeping your family comfortable.