AC Replacement Westminster, MD

Every air conditioning system will eventually need to be replaced for a newer unit, even if it has been properly taken care of and maintained. Once repair costs exceed half of the cost of a new unit or you want to make your home more energy efficient, you can trust Exxel Mechanical Services for AC replacement in Westminster, MD. We know how to make the replacement and installation process stress-free so that you can get back to enjoying comfortable air inside of your home. We are proud to be a trustworthy HVAC contractor with the experience necessary to troubleshoot issues, complete repairs, help you find a great replacement and take care of the installation process.

What Are the Signs I Need AC Replacement Services?

There are some AC issues that only require basic repair, but sometimes the repairs are so extensive or expensive that investing in a new unit is a better idea. Our professionals know how to pinpoint the signs that you need AC replacement in Westminster, MD and help you find the perfect unit for your needs and your property.

Some of the signs that you might need AC replacement are:

  • A unit that blows out warm air or room temperature air instead of cool air
  • Banging, clicking, hissing, screeching or hissing sounds coming from the interior or exterior portion of your unit
  • Limited or absent air flow from the vents
  • High humidity levels when the AC is running
  • An air conditioning system over a decade old
  • Visible moisture around the air conditioning unit
  • Strange or unpleasant odors coming from the AC unit or the vents
  • A unit that requires regular repairs or that has needed many repairs over the past few months
  • Dramatic spikes in your utility bills compared to past years with a comparable temperature range

When our HVAC technician visits your property, they will give you the same advice that they would offer a friend or family member. We take our professionalism seriously, and we will always be honest about your AC replacement in Westminster, MD. If you would like to have repairs performed instead, our technicians drive fully-stocked trucks that allow us to make simple repairs on the spot.

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How Can AC Replacement Make My Home More Comfortable?

We want you to be comfortable and to use energy as efficiently as possible, so we tailor all of our recommendations with those in mind. Whether you are looking to lower your energy bills with an ultra-efficient air conditioning unit or are concerned about the air quality in your home, we can tailor our solutions and AC replacement in Westminster, MD to your needs.

Once we know more about your preferences, budget and home, we can design a custom system that will be efficient and affordable. We make sure that your installation is conducted properly so that you don’t need to worry about wasted money and repairs only a few months down the road. We sell and install units from trusted manufacturers that include a warranty so that you have the peace of mind you are protected. Outside of the manufacturer’s warranties that come with many units, we also offer extended warranties and after care service.

How Can I Care for My AC Replacement?

Exxel Mechanical Services provides our customers with access to exclusive maintenance agreements that include everything you need to care for your unit, including annual inspection, priority service, customer service and excellent customer service. Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your system and unit. We offer two tiers of HVAC maintenance plans adjusted depending on how old your unit is. The best companion to AC replacement in Westminster, MD is a maintenance agreement.

Where Can I Find Experienced AC Replacement in Westminster, MD?

Exxel Mechanical Services is here to support all of our residential and commercial clients and keep their HVAC systems in excellent condition. We are always available to help assess your system, provide you with a free quote or come out to restore your heat or air conditioning in the event of an emergency. To learn more or get a free quote, call us at 443-821-1040 or email us at We look forward to keeping your family comfortable.