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Maintenance Plans

Exxel Mechanical Services is pleased to offer you our exclusive maintenance agreements. Our Silver and Gold plans not only offer our thorough annual inspection, and priority Next Day service, it includes our legendary customer service and attention to detail that customers have come to expect. We service warm air furnaces, boilers, AC systems and heat pumps offering two tiers of coverage.

The Silver Plan is designed for our customers with equipment ranging in the age of two to eight years. This plan includes our extensive inspection every year, to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability. Our priority Next Day service ensures you’ll never have to wait two weeks for a visit!

During our inspection, our certified technicians will go over common points of failure, and prevent loss of service when possible, until your next annual checkup. We will gladly change any air filters or humidifier water panels when provided by the customer, and continue with our diagnosis (which varies upon type of equipment.) During this visit, customers will have the opportunity to express any of their concerns and the technician will explain any repairs that would possibly enrich the systems longevity. In the event that there is unexpected service needed in the year of agreement, Executive plan customers will be exempt from any diagnostic fees, and will receive 25% off repairs.

The Gold Plan is for the customer who enjoys the peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, Exxel Mechanical Services will be there to take care of it. In addition to all the perks of the Silver Plan, it includes additional protection on replacement parts. This comprehensive plan removes material and labor cost for our customers, and ensures coverage for parts that are of recurring failure to most equipment. For the majority of customers, a single repair during a heating or cooling season will pay for the price of the GOLD Plan.